The UGS-4G is the 16 liters version of the UGS-2G. It's a pellet spreader designed and optimized for use with drones. Its weight, capacity, spreading rates and range will allow you to spread areas faster, more evenly, and at a lower cost than ever. The attachment system is designed to minimize its impact on the flight stability of your drone.


  • Specification

    • Input voltage: 6-12V
    • Dimensions: 279mm x 279mm x 460mm
    • Tank volume: 16L
    • Spreader weight: 1 190g
    • Normal current: 2-6A
    • Max current: 20A
    • Operating temperature range: -10ºC to 40ºC
    • Rotation speed: Adjustable, 0-1620 RPM
    • Spreading width: Adjustable, 2m - 27m
    • Made of: Carbon fiber, aluminum, plastic