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Granule Spreader for Drones

The UGS is a pellet spreader designed and optimized for use with drones. It can be used to spread pesticides, seeds, food and many more types of granules. Its weight, capacity, spreading rate and range will allow you to spread areas faster, more evenly, and at a lower cost than ever. The attachment system is designed to minimize its impact on the flight stability of your drone.

UGS-4G - boutique.jpg

Product Features


The UGS is made of carbon fiber, weight efficient plastic and aluminum.

Optimized spreading rate

The adjustable spreading rate is perfect to complete your spreading operations faster than ever.

Large capacity

UGS-2G: 8L

UGS-4G: 16L

Great spreading range

Adjustable, up to 30m.

Adjustable flow rate

In few minutes, before the flight.

Perfect for planned missions

Using the UGS with an app featuring automated missions is the best way to spread an area equally.

*Values are for 0,56kg/L and 2,38mm diameter granules 


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